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The Secret to More Leads: A Good Landing Page


The Secret to More Leads: A Good Landing Page
How to Find and Know YOUR Ideal Customer

Brand Strategy

How to Find and Know YOUR Ideal Customer
9 Lies of Imposter Syndrome & How You Can Overcome Them

Guidance + Motivation

9 Lies of Imposter Syndrome & How You Can Overcome Them
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7 Tips to Your Best Blog Post Titles That Get More Clicks

For any small business owner in the digital age, your blog is one of your best secret weapons for achieving the digital marketing trifecta – more leads, a bigger email list, and an engaged community of brand advocates. But your post is only as good as the title that...

The Down & Dirty Guide to Your New Logo (And All Its Variations)

You’ve finally done it.  You’ve found yourself a good designer, introduced her (or him) to your business, and worked together to create a beautiful brand identity that you’re crazy proud of and can’t wait to show off. She’s just delivered your final files and you’re...

My Favorite 70s Inspired Retro Fonts

Hunting for the perfect font to convey a specific mood, personality, or attitude is one of my favorite things to do as a designer.  The more I dig into the world of fonts and typography, the more fascinated I become.  It’s like its own unique subculture, on the same...

The Best Tools For Leveling Up Your Social Media

There are two things I know for sure as a business owner. The first is there will never be enough hours in the day. The second is that no matter how much social media might grate on me sometimes, the fact remains that it’s a profitable place to be for small business...

The Key Components to Your Best Instagram Business Profile

Back in the good old days, I was an occasional Instagrammer. I posted once a month, if that. I’d snap a photo of my dog or my vacation or the killer oatmeal I had for breakfast and throw it up on Insta with a Nashville filter for all my friends to see. I didn’t really...

8 Fun Ways to Spark Your Creativity During Quarantine

Whelp, the stay at home order just got extended through the end of May in Illinois. The Jungels household has adapted as well as can be expected to quarantine life, the few notable exceptions being the fact that I am still WFBD (working from bedroom dresser) and the...

4 Color Palettes Pretty Enough to Drink

To help pass the time in quarantine and to support a favorite local business, we've been taking virtual cocktail classes every Saturday from a brandy distillery in our neighborhood.  We look forward to those classes with the same electric anticipation that some people...

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