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The Secret to More Leads: A Good Landing Page

Every marketing strategy you create for your business should be designed to ultimately deliver on one of your marketing goals. Chances are your two biggest goals are likely to either makes sales or to develop a list of eager people who are almost, almost ready to pull...

Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Posts SEO-Friendly

[et_pb_text content_tablet="When I talk to clients about their biggest struggles and confusions in marketing their businesses, Search is a super common complaint. And I totally get it. Anytime the word “algorithm” gets thrown around, my palms start to sweat and I can...

7 Tips to Your Best Blog Post Titles That Get More Clicks

For any small business owner in the digital age, your blog is one of your best secret weapons for achieving the digital marketing trifecta – more leads, a bigger email list, and an engaged community of brand advocates. But your post is only as good as the title that...

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