FRee 1-hour workshop

How to Ignite WILD Demand in Your Business

Discover the 3 secrets for effortlessly attracting more of the right people to your business and turning them into raving customers.  

(Without beating algorithms, chasing trends, creating loads of content, or resorting to cringe-worthy sales tactics.)  


What you’ll learn during the FREE 1-hour workshop

💫 The #1 reason why business owners struggle to make consistent sales – and how you can avoid it entirely. Even if you’re starting at zero, working solo, and operating under a tight budget.

💫 Your small biz super power and how to leverage it to get people EXCITED about what you have to offer (before you even offer it).

💫 The simple trick to making more without hustling more.  And how to silence those self-doubt gremlins that might be trying to sabotage your success.

💫 Fail-proof strategies you can implement immediately (like right after the workshop) to start moving that needle and seeing results!


Does this sound familiar?

If you find yourself nodding your head to any of the below, do yourself a favor and do not miss this FREE workshop!

You’re tired of doing all the things and still getting lackluster results.

You’ve been hustling your butt off trying to grow, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break away from the here-and-there sales. 

You want to Market your business, but where do you even start?

It seems like there’s always so much to learn and what’s trendy changes every day.  (Lookin’ at you, Threads and ChatGPT!) 

you want to grow, but showing up 24/7 on social media isn’t your thinG…

Allow me to clarify this for you – there are other ways to market your business beyond chasing after likes and comments on the social media app du jour. 

Hiya!  I’m Morgan.

Toddler mom, dog mom, entrepreneur. Lover of coffee, too-good-to-put-down mystery novels, and Reese’s cups. Your go-to-girl for all things strategy and 100% marketing obsessed.

Pre-February 2020, you could find me in a little corporate cubicle, churning out award-winning marketing strategies for Fortune 500 brands, like LEGO™️, ESPN™️, and Red Bull™️ (to name a few).

Today, I’m the founder and strategist behind Atlas & Anchor, a marketing studio on a mission to empower small business owners with the tools and support they need to take control of their marketing, maximize their visibility, and grow a thriving, profitable business.

The framework I share in this workshop can’t be found in any other training. But it’s the framework I WISH I had when I was starting out because I could’ve leapfrogged past the months of confusion, frustration, and here-and-there sales and started growing my business faster.

It’s helped me scale my dream business while only working three days a week. It’s helped my clients achieve $500 days, sold out launches, and 10X revenue growth. And the best part is it’s applicable to ANY business – regardless of what it is you sell, how big your social media following is, or how much budget you have to work with.

When you’re ready, you can binge the workshop now!


morgan atlas and anchor

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