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My Favorite 70s Inspired Retro Fonts

Jun 21, 2020 | Design | 0 comments

70s inspired retro fonts

Hunting for the perfect font to convey a specific mood, personality, or attitude is one of my favorite things to do as a designer.  The more I dig into the world of fonts and typography, the more fascinated I become.  It’s like its own unique subculture, on the same level as Keto enthusiasts, sourdough bakers, sneakerheads, or Trekkies.

It’s the one place in my business where I can spend hours of my time pouring through hundreds of fonts looking for the best ones and not feel that sorry about it.

When I was in kindergarten, I had a very cherished, very robust collection of stickers that I kept in a little Hello Kitty sticker book.  I can’t for the life of me remember the name of my kindergarten teacher, but I can sit here and envision that sticker book clear as day.  That’s how indelible of a mark it left on my six year old self.  There were scratch and sniff snickers, glitter stickers, hologram stickers, glow-in-the dark stickers, and puffy stickers that had oil that would swirl around when you pressed on them.  Those were my favorite.

I was hella proud of that sticker book.

My font collection has turned into my slightly more legitimatized adult version of my Hello Kitty sticker book.  There are script fonts, stamp fonts, handwritten fonts, slab serif fonts, bold fonts, thin fonts, rounded fonts.  I’ve got fun fonts, serious fonts, playful fonts, elegant fonts.  On and on it goes.

So when a client asked recently for a brand identity with a retro, 70s inspired feel, I was all too excited to embark on a hunt for the perfect font to help bring that to life.  There are literally hundreds of them out there, but I’ve rounded up my top 5 absolute favorite 70s retro fonts in the list below.  Got your own faves?  Make sure to drop them in the comments!

1. Mogan

I love Mogan because it’s a versatile retro font.  It can be classic and elegant, but add some of the extra ligatures and it can transform into something fun and totally unique.  Get it at Creative Market!

mogan retro font
mogan retro font
mogan retro font

2. Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a retro font that is clean and simple with minimal embellishment and can work well as a branding font for a logo or as a supporting font on a website.  Even better, it’s free on Google Fonts and is also a free font in Canva.

shrikhand retro font
shrikhand retro font
shrikhand retro font

3. Kaoly

If you’re looking for a retro font that’s decorative, empowering, and eye-catching, Kaoly has some of the most unique ligatures and curves, particularly for the uppercase letters.  While the lowercase letters are more straightforward, using them together creates a striking contrast.  Download it at Creative Market!

kaoly retro font
kaoly retro font
kaoly retro font

4. Avalanche

I absolutely love Avalanche because it’s bold and classy, but also approachable.  The slight slant to the tops of the letters and wide feet give it a cool retro gravitas that makes it stand out.  This one was also found on Creative Market.

avalanche retro font
avalanche retro font
avalanche retro font

5. Ohno Blazeface

This one hands down has the best name, and the thick, loopy style instantly makes me think of flower power and Woodstock.  I absolutely love how fun it is, and it’s available in a variety of different weights and a couple different styles – just pop on over to Adobe Fonts to check them out!

ohno blazeface retro font
ohno blazeface retro font
ohno blazeface retro font

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