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Attract more of your perfect customers to your business 

Truth bomb. 💣 If you want a successful business you need customers!  And if you want customers, you first need to find those people who need what you have to offer and connect with them in a way that has them saying, “Yes, yes, give it to me, please!”

But sometimes that can be a particularly tough nut to crack, especially when it feels like your business hangs in the balance.

These are the *critical* questions you need to answer to discover the perfect audience for whatever it is you offer, learn what makes them tick, and turn them into raving fans who can’t wait to do business with you.

In this digital workbook you’ll find…

✨questions to help you nail your audience once & for all

No filler questions like “where do they live?” and “how many kids do they have?” Instead I get right to the heart of what you *actually* need to know to drive results in your business.

✨example responses to get your wheels turning

I get it – sometimes you just need to see how someone else answered the question to get your creative juices flowing.  So I include a completed example that you can reference!  

✨Pro tips for putting this to work in your business

If you’re anything like me, you want to know why something is important and how it’s useful.  I give you the “why” and I raise you some easy tricks for implementing in your business.😉

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Hey there!  I’m Morgan.

Mama, marketer, and founder of Atlas & Anchor, a small marketing studio on a BIG mission to help business owners (like you!) build the profitable business of their dreams.

After 10+ years in marketing and 100+ businesses served (from big and famous to small and mighty), I’ll shoot it to you straight – marketing is what makes your business go round.  But it DOES NOT need to rob you of your joy, burn all your midnight oil, or drain your bank account in order to get you results.

The one thing you need to know about me?

Quick, easy, and effective is the name of my marketing game.

So if you’re a hustlin’-for-every-dollar business owner who’s ready to grow more and hustle less, you’ve found your partner in crime.

Let’s crack the code on your ideal audience so you can start attracting them with your oh-so-magnetic business, shall we?  Click to get the worksheet!

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