Guys, it reached 60 degrees in Chicago this week.  Sixty!  Throwing up some serious praise hands over here and wistfully eyeing the box of summer clothes in my closet. 

Now granted, as I write this, we’re back down to 35, but for two days we had the briefest glimpse of the other side and it was absolutely glorious.  The city literally transforms at 55 degrees.  People unbundle from all the winter garb and you can actually see faces as you walk down the street, not just eyes buried in the folds of hats and scarves.  Everyone is walking upright instead of hunched over against the wind.  Doors and storefront windows are flung wide and patios are tentatively opened. 

We soaked it all up – took long walks, cracked the windows, let all the stale winter air escape from our apartment, did the tiniest bit of spring cleaning.  Ruby had a triumphant return to the dog park after a 5 month hiatus and successfully reclaimed her status as resident mean girl by stealing everyone’s tennis balls and hoarding them under a bench.  All in all, a pretty successful trial run of spring.

I’m not naive enough to think our days of snow and bitter cold are over – after all, we’re not even one year removed from the late-April blizzard of 2019.  But I’m content to be reminded that Spring is on its merry way, and I am welcoming it with wide open arms and a handful of pretty spring color palettes. 🙂

Peep them below and if you’re looking for more design inspiration, pop on over to my Pinterest page to see what else I’ve been crushing on lately. 

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