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Ahhh Spring.  That glorious time of fresh flowers, fresh air, fresh starts. I’m not typically a Spring person (I’m more of a Summer and Fall kind of gal) but this year, I’m waiting for Spring like a kid waiting for Santa Claus – a little jittery, a little impatiently, and (if you ask my husband) a little annoyingly.  It’s only been a week since we were told to shelter in place, but for some reason, that one week has made Winter feel twice as long this year.

The benefit to being stuck at home (and being terrified of an increasingly ubiquitous virus) is that my spring cleaning has been deeper and more thorough than it’s ever been.  We’re cleaning things that have admittedly been neglected for way too long, like the filter in our air purifier, the insides of our cabinets, the tray in our silverware drawer.  For those of you that clean these things out on the regular, please don’t judge us.

But do you want to know the one thing we all typically forget to freshen up as business owners?  Our marketing.  These are the touch points that our audiences use to engage with us and get to know our business.  We should not be letting the proverbial dust gather on them, friends!  Like when was the last time you checked all the links and buttons on your website to make sure they’re working correctly?  Or when did you last review your brand identity to make sure your values and goals are still the same?  What about your keywords and hashtags?  Have you done an audit of them recently?  Are there any new ones you should be including?  These are small things, but they can make a difference in your customer experience.

So if in the coming days you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, I would urge you to spend some of it spring cleaning your marketing.  Even if it’s just a quick spruce to brush the dust off.  What should you focus on, you ask?  I’m one step ahead of you, friend!  Behold our spring cleaning checklist.             

The beauty of this checklist?

  1. It’s downloadable – just click on the photo above to download!
  2. It’s an interactive file, which is awesome because if you’re anything like me, you hate dealing with printers (for real, is there ever a time when they’re not in need of ink or toner??), but you love the satisfaction of checking things off.  This file lets you check to your heart’s content!

And a few additional resources to help you out:

I hope this checklist helps you make the most of your days in quarantine!  Leave questions or feedback in the comments section below!

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I’m Morgan – online marketing expert, business strategist, and entrepreneur.  My motto when it comes to marketing is “let it be easy.  I help entrepreneurs break up with the burnout and banish overwhelm with simple strategies that help you grow on cruise control.


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