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Drum up an entire year’s worth of scroll-stopping content ideas in 1 hour or less

Imagine if every time you sat down to write your marketing content, you already had a bank of brilliant content ideas primed for creating?

Ideas for content that not only light up your audience, but also grow your business and *actually* contribute to your bottom-line.

They’re all up there jostling for space in that over-extended business owner brain of yours. The Profitable Content Planner for Busy Business Owners just helps you tease them out and get them down on paper so you can content smarter, not harder in the months ahead.

In this digital planner you’ll find…

✨A plan for creating content that actually grows your biz

Creating content just for the sake of creating content?  Not a good use of your time and energy.  This planner helps you create content that attracts your audience, serves your goals, and delivers those hard-earned results!  

✨Worksheets for organizing your goals, dates, and ideas 

A little organization and planning allow you to work from a place of inspiration, not overwhelm.  So you can unlock more of that untapped creative potential and put your best foot forward in your business.  

✨Tips for boosting your visibility without breaking a sweat

For those who feel like a content-pumping machine that’s starting to short-circuit, I’m sharing shortcuts for showing up more while working less.  Used on the daily by this time-strapped, business owner mama.  

morgan atlas and anchor

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Hey there!  I’m Morgan.

Mama, marketer, and founder of Atlas & Anchor, a small marketing studio on a BIG mission to help business owners (like you!) build the profitable business of their dreams.

After 10+ years in marketing and 100+ businesses served (from big and famous to small and mighty), I’ll shoot it to you straight – marketing is what makes your business go round.  But it DOES NOT need to rob you of your joy, burn all your midnight oil, or drain your bank account in order to get you results.

The one thing you need to know about me?

Quick, easy, and effective is the name of my marketing game.

So if you’re a hustlin’-for-every-dollar business owner who’s ready to grow more and hustle less, you’ve found your partner in crime.

Whadaya say?  Ready to map out some content so you can start *crushing it* with your marketing? Click here to get the planner!

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