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Whether you’re in the process of building a business from scratch or have already been around the block a time or two (or two hundred!), our comprehensive Brand Navigation Planner is the perfect road map for helping you arrive at your best brand.

Having a clear brand identity that people can connect and engage with is critical to standing out in a crowded marketplace and reeling in your ideal customers.  This Planner is just the ticket!

what you get

A self-guided questionnaire designed to help you dig deep and distill the essence of your brand into a unique persona that captivates your audience.


+  An introduction to branding and why it’s so important

+  10 pages of worksheets to guide you through defining the awesomeness of your brand

+  Formatted for digital fill-in (because who has time to hassle with the printer!)

+  A summary sheet so you can have the most important details handy at all times 

how it helps your business

+  Serves as a single document to house all the important details about your brand identity

+  Acts as an on-boarding tool for future new hires so they instantly know what your brand is about

+  Easily distills the spirit of your brand to help design partners create meaningful logo and creative concepts

+  Outlines your target audience and ideal consumer, so you always know exactly who you’re talking to

+  Establishes brand values and beliefs to guide behavior and help you stay on brand while navigating different situations


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