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we believe every solopreneur should feel empowered in their business

hi there! i’m morgan, brand architect, coffee addict, book worm, and fierce champion of underdogs everywhere.

As a solopreneur myself, I know what it feels like to throw everything into a dream and want it to succeed.  But as small businesses it’s often hard to get ourselves heard.

Having spent several years in the ad industry designing strategies for big brands, I witnessed the power that branding can have on a business. I started Atlas & Anchor because I believe any business, no matter how small, can thrive with a strong brand and solid marketing strategy.

My goal is to arm you with the branding fundamentals, design elements, and marketing knowledge you need to go forward confidently and grow your business for years to come.

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee addict, voracious reader, and perpetual wanderluster who is most at home in jeans and a t-shirt and is at her happiest when she’s at the beach.  On the rare occasions when I’m not dreaming and scheming, you can typically find me exploring Chicago with my husband and rescue pup, Ruby. If you happen to like spicy food, true crime podcasts, or 80s music, then oh the fun we’ll have.

the three pillars of our studio


Our goal is to help you feel confident and capable when it comes to marketing your business.  Like fist-pumping empowered.  So we’re out to arm you with the best tools and resources to navigate your marketing like the rock star you are.


Being a solopreneur is hard. But your branding and marketing shouldn’t be.  We don’t just want to help you succeed, we also want to help you simplify.  That includes focusing your efforts and creating processes that work for you, instead of the opposite.


Knowledge is power, especially in your business.  We think it’s just as important to know why you do something as it is to know how.  That way as your brand grows and evolves, you know just what to do to grow with it.