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4 Color Palettes Pretty Enough to Drink

4 color palettes pretty enough to drink

To help pass the time in quarantine and to support a favorite local business, we’ve been taking virtual cocktail classes every Saturday from a brandy distillery in our neighborhood.  We look forward to those classes with the same electric anticipation that some people reserve for a Lizzo concert.  Which just goes to show how small our world has become.  We go all out.  We set out all the ingredients and tools, make our own syrups, turn on our personally curated yacht rock playlist in the background to set the mood.  (Yep, we have a yacht rock playlist – because nothing says a cocktail filled Saturday evening quite like Steve Winwood and Billy Joel.)

My husband, as with most things, takes it very seriously.  He means business.  If the instructor says to give the ingredients forty shakes in the shaker, then he gives it those forty shakes – not a shake more, not a shake less.  I, however, am a little more apt to cut corners.  I give it a good ten shakes and then sample it straight from the shaker, like a heathen. 🙂

But in addition to giving us something to do and a somewhat constructive way to pass the time, all the pretty colors from the class inspired me to create a series of color palettes to go with it!  Enjoy! 

Need more color inspiration?  Pop on over to Pinterest or check out some of our other palettes.  

Hex Codes






Hex Codes






Hex Codes






Hex Codes







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