Happiest of Fridays, friends!  What a week it’s been. I’m actually starting to have difficulty remembering what normal life is like.  You know, the life where we wear real pants (not ones that start with ‘pajama’, ‘yoga’, or ‘sweat’), actually take the time to put on make-up in the morning, and don’t have to walk to three different grocery stores to buy pasta noodles.    

I’m currently knee deep in a new project that I’m absolutely loving, and as part of the project, I’ve been on a tireless hunt for cool and unique ampersands.  Yep, you read that right.  Ampersands.

I fell down some rabbit holes in my digging (because why not?), and learned many an interesting thing.  Like that the symbol actually stands for the Latin phrase ‘et’ which means ‘and’ and was a way for people to easily write a single combined symbol instead of writing E and T as two separate letters.  Seems a tad lazy to me, but I’m the queen of not lacing up my shoes when I take Ruby for a walk, so I guess I really have no room to judge.

The beautiful yet frustrating thing about the internet is that there are a million and one font options out there, if you’re willing to devote some serious hours to sifting through them all.  But knowing the mandatory shelter in place rules will end eventually, I decided to round up 15 of my favorites to save others from all the sifting later on. And the great news is they’re all from Google Fonts – meaning 1. they’re free and 2. they’re web-based, so they should be compatible with most website platforms and browsers.  As someone who has spent hours trying to get a custom font to load properly across web browsers, that second point is pure gold.

Got favorites of your own?  Share your finds in the comments!

arbutus slab

dm serif display


oleo script swash caps 




yeseva one

dancing script

im fell pica


playfair display

ribeye marrow


special elite

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